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About Us


Nano Care solutions improves energy efficiency, air quality, public health and asset integrity by surface coatings.

This is achieved through thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, antimicrobial agents, solar panel cleaning,  mould cleaning and next generation air purification technology. . Nano Care’s effective collaboration with leading researchers and academic institutions is driving innovation in the industry.

Innovative and revolutionary patented easy-to-clean nano structured mesoporous coating improves energy production when used to clean solar panels. Ceramic coatings relying on air-filled microspheres for insulating properties saves energy usage.


Surajith Kanakam

Co - Founder and Director

Surajith has over 2 decades of technology development experience in general and has spent the last few years working on solutions for oil and gas and marine industries. His Focus now is on nano technology solutions for Energy efficiency and asset integrity. He is a graduate from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India and is closely working with them to develop industry academic collaborations.


Sridhara Aghalaya

Co - Founder and Director

Sridhara Aghalaya, a post graduate from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India did his thesis on energy management and worked as Engineer, R&D at BEML, Engine Division before getting involved with digital ventures. He is a digital and business transformation specialist having developed innovative solutions in diverse sectors including publishing, agriculture, education and financial sector.