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Asset Integrity

About Asset Integrity

We support complete lifecycle of your assets through data analytics, data visualisation tools, and predictive corrosion management reducing total cost of ownership, optimise operations and increase productivity.

Liquid organic heat insulation product designed to protect metal surfaces against corrosion. Used for heat insulation and corrosion protection for construction metal structures, metal products and spare parts, reservoirs, pipelines, transportation vehicles and various industrial equipment used under conditions of increased humidity or exposure to corrosive environment.

Liquid insulation coating that is basically a priming enamel (base coat) forlong-term protection of both metal and non-metal surfaces. With 3-in-1 formula, it serves as a priming enamel, corrosion inhibitor and finish layer. Material has a “liquid plastic“ effect due to polymer additives to its organic base. Product maybe applied to rusted surfaces as well. The flow rate of this priming enamel is 60-120 g/m², depending on colour, with layer thickness of 1 mm. Colours: black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue and red.

Used for cold galvanising in industrial and civilconstruction, transportation construction, oil and gas sectors, powerengineering, railway construction, port facilities and hydraulic engineering,motor vehicles. Product is designed for the corrosion protection of outer and inner surfaces of industrial equipment and metal structures. 25-year warranty.