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nnovative and revolutionary patented Photocatalytic self-cleaning nano coating for PV Solar panels improves Energy Yield. Ceramic coatings relying on air-filled microspheres for insulating properties saves energy usage. Next-generation air purification technology, which can purify air pollutions caused by more than 85% harmful gases found in car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs.

Thermal Insulation saves upto 70% of energy loss and protects equipment

Thermal Isulation Suitable for all surfaces with operating temperatures from -60C to +250 C. Recommended for use on facades, metal surfaces (pipes, roofs, tanks, etc.), concrete, plastic and wood. Anti-condensation effect. Waterproofing properties.

Non-flammable thermal insulation Combines features of Nano Care Standard and corresponds to non-flammable KM 0 grade of flammability classification for use at facilities requiring NF group materials. Designed for Use on metal, wood, concrete, brick, glass and plastic surfaces. It is applied as a finish layer over Nano Care Standard for fire protection. 1 mm thick layer over the Nano CareStandard coating at outside surface temperature +7С° to +45°С, ambient temperature +7°С to +50°С.

High-temperature liquid organic silicon-based heat insulation material designed for metal and brick surfaces. Protects against burns upon contact with hot surfaces. Once thermal insulation layer is completely dry the surface can be used in temperatures ranging from -60°С to +450°С.

Liquid insulation designed to improve fire resistance of metal structures, as well as industrial and public facilities, for a period of 45 to 120 minutes. Fire protection properties of this coating meet requirements of Standards. Used for protection of metal structures as part of complex coating.

For weather resistance, any weather-resistant coating can be used depending on durability and design requirements. With dry layer thickness of 1.7 mm and 1,3, 5 mm, nanocare FP intumescent fire protection coating provides fire resistance of the coating for 60, 90 and 120 minutes respectively (fire rating groups 3 and 4), which is confirmed by fire safety certificates.

Application-ready coating is a polymer film that serves only as fireprotection coating; does not possess anti corrosive properties. Fire protection paint to be applied only to corrosion-protected metal. For corrosion protection, use nanocare Plast (analogue Hempel,Hammerite, Amercoat), nanocare Zinc base coats or an alkyd urethanebase coat.